This is what we love to do, take your dog out to run, play and explore with his or her friends. If required we will collect your dog from your home, your place of work or where ever you choose in our fully ventilated, securely caged van. We understand that each dog is different, so we tailor our services to suit them best. We will ensure that each dog receives the dedicated time and attention that they need. We’ll take note of your dog’s favourite routes, and will endeavour to include green spaces on our route, where dogs can be allowed off lead (if we have your permission) and roam free. We understand that you want your dog to have the best adventure and we’re sure that sometimes this will include some muddy puddles! We will make sure that we deliver them home towel dried and tired from their adventure.


  •  Fully insured business

  •  Limited size group walks – maximum 5

  •  Safe and secure transportation

  •  Reliable service that you can count on

"Murphy has been with Matt since she was a puppy and I could not have found a better dog walker. I know he is safe and well looked after and most importantly loved like one of the family"
Melissa Wall

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